John, First of all thank you for all of the information that you have put up on the site. The advice and WODs have really helped me bring my Rugby to the next level. About three months ago I hurt my knee while running...

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Do you pass or fail?

John, Is the Most Interesting Man in the World really that interesting? XX... On the surface he seems to be, but I am not sure. He is always dressed in a tux, laughing over drinks but have you seen him do anything that would indicate he is a guy’s guy? The better question is, how do you know a dude is a guy’s guy? Example one, while at the gym, the starter on your 1967 Shelby GT 500 goes bad and takes the battery with it...

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Combine 2012

Hey guys, I attended the CFFB training you had back in March and am excited to start your training. Prior to the seminar, I was training for the games, which is evaluating fitness one AMRAP workout at a time. I was wondering if you plan on holding another combine. I know this year's combine was cancelled due to scheduling issues. I can't tell you how psyched up I am for this event...

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